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09 Dec 2018 Bilston, UK The Robin 2 The Robin 2
12 May 2018 London, UK Islington Assembly Hall Islington Assembly Hall
25 Nov 2017 Leicester The Musician The Musician
18 Nov 2017 Pwllheli, UK Hard Rock Hell Prog Hard Rock Hell Prog
30 Jun 2017 London, UK Boston Music Rooms Boston Music Rooms
27 May 2017 Leamington Spa, UK The Assembly The Assembly
25 Feb 2017 Poole, UK Planet Rock Winters End Festival Planet Rock Winters End Festival
18 Dec 2016 Bilston, UK The Robin 2 The Robin 2
17 Dec 2016 London, UK The Borderline The Borderline
16 Dec 2016 St. Helens, UK The Citadel The Citadel



Adam Hodgson


Adam Hodgson’s music career began back in the early 80’s when he bought his first a guitar with his newspaper round money from a Freeman’s catalogue. On a satellite guitar and using a SoundCity 10w amp he started bashing out House of the Rising Sun.

His first band was formed in Lincoln with school friends called BlackTide. Mostly Heavy Metal in style, they had reasonable success on the local band circuit and performed in a few quite high profile Lincoln Art College end of term parties.

Adam has always been interested in the more progressive side of rock music. The earliest memory of this was listening to Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds at 8 years old, this really sowed the seed of what could be achieved with rock. Later the Yes LP 90125 was a real turning point, refocusing his attention from the mostly heavy metal scene to one that was progressive in style. “I remember being given an old copy of 90125 by my brother-in-law, I could not stop listening to it, I think it was in my Walkman for 2 weeks solid”. Yes and Van Halen were a strong influence and these two styles created an interesting mix of heavy rock and progressive twists.

BlackTide ended when Adam went to the University of Hertfordshire to study Model Making and Special Effects. Adam concentrated on a solo project which was named South Side of the Sky (SSOTS), after the Yes track on the Fragile LP. This consisted of mostly instrumentals, large scale rock / progressive compositions.

During this time he became involved with Jesus Wept (JW), an up and coming college band with a modern guitar / drum machine driven industrial sound. Taking on recording and production duties he produced four albums and with the guitarist from JW, Martin Colborn, played a few “one off” SSOTS live concerts. A JW track was featured on the CD for Future Music magazine and was credited Demo of the Month award.

During this time Adam also joined a funk metal band called Zinomorph. This was an enjoyable reprieve, but short lived. Jesus Wept finally broke up and then Adam, Martin and programmer Stevie Stamper formed -Core, a rock / dance style band. Later they were joined on vocals by Jo Ramsden and Mark Webber on bass. They gained good success on the local circuit and doubled up with Club Karma for various gigs. Most notably, -Core played Leicester Theatre Royal and had a festival gig televised on local cable television.

The next band to be formed was Slippy. This was a coming together of some ex Jesus Wept members together with Adam on guitar. This band was heavier dance rock with big ambient sections, very influenced by David Sylvian’s New Day album. Playing a showcase concert at London’s Rock Garden, in Covent Garden, this line up was very well received, this might have led to greater things but inter band conflicts saddly caused the end of this project.

Adam then concentrated on solo SSOTS work and has written and recorded soundtrack sections for the Shock Horror Probe, a small independent film company making low budget horror movies. Also taking time out from live work spend with his wife and young family.

In this time designing and producing artwork for CD covers for the progressive rock band Magenta’s albums Seven, Home and The Gathering DVD.

Feeling the need to perform with a band again, Adam answered an advert placed by Rob Cottingham and after a meeting, a rehearsal session the Touchstone sound was born.

The rest is Touchstone history.


Electric Guitar:-
Ernie Ball Music Man,EVH
Ernie Ball Music Man,Axis + Ball Family Reserve Axis – (purple)
Charvel Model B – Westone Pantera

Hughes & Kettner – COREBLADE – Adam is on the Hughes and Kettner Artist Programme

Hughes & Kettner – COREBLADE for most effects – distortions

Boss – pedal, Chrous / Acoustic simulator / Delays / Phaser / Volume

Dunlop – Cry Baby

Ovation Elite special USA
Washburn Classic semi acoustic


Yes, 90125 + Anything by Yes
Rammstein – everthing
Van Halen all albums (except Van Halen III)
Anderson, Wakeman, Bruford, Howe
Joe Satriani, Flying In A Blue Dream
Asia, Asia , Alpha and Astra
Trevor Rabin, Can’t Look Away, Live In LA, Wolf
Esquire, Esquire
Mr Bungle, Mr Bungle
Faith No More, The Real Thing, Introduce Yourself
Tesla, Mechanical Resonance
David Lee Roth, Eat Em And Smile, Crazy From The Heat, Skyscraper
David Sylvian, New Day – King Crimson, Thrak
Motley Crue, Too Fast For Love, Shout A The Devil
Lindsey Buckingham, Out Of The Cradle, other crazy solo albums + most Buckingham Fleetwood Mac, Rumours and Tango In The Night
Jon Anderson, In The City Of Angels
Peter, Paul and Mary, 10 Years Together
Genesis, Genesis, Abacab, Live The Longs
Cardiacs – anything
Simon and Garfunkel, Greatest Hits
Sky, Toccata
Daft Punk – TRON – Alive2007

Number One album ever – Yes 90125


Eddie Van Halen, Trevor Rabin, Lindsey Buckingham, Joe Satriani, Steve Howe


Liam Holmes


Liam trained from an early age, his achievements culminating in a Bachelor of Music  degree with honours from Cardiff University in 2004. Since then he has worked internationally as a Musical Director, Pianist, Drummer, Bassist and Arranger/Orchestrator on a wide variety of projects.

Liam features on the debut album from Inglorious, which followed on from working with singer Nathan James for many years as musical director and arranger. He has also worked with artist/producer John Mitchell on his solo Lonely Robot project as well as his new White Star Records label.

Theatre credits include We Will Rock You, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rock of Ages, Sister Act, The Last Five Years, Sweeney Todd, The Magic of Motown, That¹ll Be The Day, American Anthems, Essence Of Ireland and Bohemian Rhapsody.

He also has a wealth of other live experience with corporate bands, cabaret acts, tribute performers and artists. Liam has had the privilege of working with a host of household names including Gareth Gates, Joe McElderry, Lorna Luft, Rhydian Roberts, Su Pollard, Sonia, The Drifters, X-Factor¹s Danyl Johnson and BGT¹s Jai McDowell, as well as West End luminaries such as John Owen Jones, Rachel Tucker and Kerry Ellis.

To keep up with all of Liam¹s musical endeavours find him on Twitter


TBA (vocals), Liam Holmes (keyboards), Adam Hodgson (Guitars), Henry Rogers (Drums) & Paul ‘Moo’ Moorghen (Bass & Backing Vocals).

Touchstone were formed in 2003, releasing their debut ‘Mad Hatters‘ EP and subsequently going on to release four studio albums: Discordant Dreams, Wintercoast, The City Sleeps (SPV/Steamhammer) and Oceans Of Time (HNE Recording/Cherry Red Records), plus two live albums, with a line-up that included keyboard player/vocalist Rob Cottingham and vocalist Kim Seviour. Along the way, the band picked up accolades such as ‘Best New Band’ at the Classic Rock Society Awards in 2008, and received a nomination for the ‘New Blood’ Award in the inaugural 2012 Progressive Music Awards.

To date they have made a series of appearances at festivals such as the Rites of Spring in Philadelphia, CalProg in California and High Voltage Festival in London’s Victoria Park, amongst others, and collaborated with such names asJeremy Irons and Anna-Marie Wayne (actress and daughter of ‘War Of The Worlds’ composer Jeff Wayne).

With a brand new line-up for 2016, ‘Lights From The Sky‘ marks a new chapter for the band, promising a rocky, riff-driven, melodic roller-coaster of catchy tracks with soaring vocals and guitar, with all the delicate nuances that encapsulate their signature sound.

Lead Vocals



Moo has been playing the bass since the school summer holiday of 1985, aged 14. Previously to that, he was learning the clarinet and saxophone and taking formal exams in both, and playing in various orchestras, a symphonic wind band and a jazz band. He also did a lot of singing lessons and sang in the school and church choirs – and is still poked fun at in rehearsals to this day for sometimes sounding very angelic!

Moo Senior liked to think he was the Mauritian Elvis so there was a lot of rock’n’roll music played at home from the 50s and 60s that was subliminally implanted into little Moo’s brain, along with the sounds of the 70s that saw him through his early years.

Since joining Touchstone in February 2006, the musical adventures have been amazing and wonderful, and with the new additions to the band of Aggie & Liam, he is looking forward to many more happy memories to be made.

He has a beautiful family at home who are very supportive of him and when at home, Moo loves to cook spicy food (he has a reputation for being a chilli fiend) and loves to sit and chill out with his family & three dogs when not up in his Moosic Room practicing or writing music.

Of course, there’s his second family that is the band, crew and behind the scenes helpers, the friendships that he has forged over the years and last but not least, the band’s amazing fans amassed over the last ten years, some of whom have become very good friends too – and the music! That’s what this is all about!

Moo is very much looking forward to the next chapters in the Touchstone story, making some great music, eating some curries, meeting new people, sharing many laughs and getting excited about gigging here, there and everywhere!


Henry Rogers


Henry’s started drumming in his early teens, playing in various local bands, including The White Orchids and The Shindiggers, around his home town of Stoke–on–Trent, culminating in Henry being approached, in 2007, by Final Conflict; during his time with the band he gained valuable experience and awards along the way.

Henry joined DeeExpus in 2009, and then Touchstone in 2010, and continues to impress audiences with his drumming skills. He is now also a member of Mia Klose (2013) and the Manchester-based indie rock band Puppet Rebellion (2015). During his time with these bands, Henry has also played at several festivals, both large and small – High Voltage (2010), RoSFest 2010 and 2012, Download, Kendal Calling and Summer’s End 2014 and 2016 to name but a few… and he has played as tour support for artists such as Marillion and Steel Panther across the UK and Europe.

Henry’s playing skills have not gone unnoticed in the music industry: coming second in the Classic Rock Society (CRS) Drummer of the Year at the age of 17, and going one better and winning CRS Drummer of the Year in both 2012 and 2013, being voted 9th Best Drummer (2012), 7th Best Drummer (2013) and 10th Best Drummer (2016) by Prog magazine readers. Henry was also listed in the July 2015 issue of Rhythm magazine as one of the 20 most influential prog drummers of the millennium.

Alongside his work with other musicians such as Alan Reed with Alan’s live band The Daughters of Expediency, Morpheus Rising and Edison’s Children, Henry is also a well–known session musician (for both live and studio work), regularly working with established musicians both in the UK and from around the globe.


Simultaneously gripping and epic…decent if not spectacular hard rock. Impressive.Kerrang!
Touchstone’s blend of prog, pomp and metal is absolutely delightful.Prog Magazine
The quality of the songwriting always shines through.Classic Rock Magazine
Great set – you guys will never be first on again!Zakk Wylde





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